Compete is a website popularity ranking system which tracks the top million websites using multiple data sources. Traffic analysis comes from their browser-based toolbar, user panels, and connected software providers. By analyzing visitor behavior, Compete can calculate the overall popularity and traffic of each website in their index with each website assigned a ranking based on its popularity up to one million. As with Alexa, the lower the ranking the better.

Using the Compete Checker can offer an insight into ow your website is performing in relation to its competitors. To use the free tool, simply copy and paste or type the URL of the website you wish to check into the text below and click ‘Check’. We will then access’s database and provide you with the number of visits your website has received according to their data and the change in traffic over the last month. Using this information can help you to analyze your website in comparison to competitors and discover any recent changes in website visits over the past few weeks.