Whois is a commonly used internet service which provides important information about domain names which have been registered. The service provides webmasters with the opportunity to check the availability of particular domain names or to find the registered owner of a desired domain name. Whenever a person or company purchases a domain name from any registrar they are required by the internet’s governing body, ICANN, to register certain technical and contact information for that domain which is then stored on the Whois database.

Querying the Whois database without a graphical interface can be difficult and time consuming which is why we have created a simple and easy to use tool for webmasters to avail of. Using the Whois Checker below, simply copy and paste or type the domain name of any website and our tool will retrieve information from the Whois database regarding that domain including the registrar, sponsoring registrar, Whois server, referral URL, name server, status, and updated, creation, and expiry dates. Using this tool can quickly inform you if a domain you have purchased has been properly registered under your or your company’s name, can provide you with information about the domain’s availability, or can offer you contact information for purchase enquiries about a particular domain.

Despite the fact that Whois information must be valid and up to date, some domain registries allow the owners to hide their details from the public using a feature called Whois privacy protection. If this is the case, your query will return information of the privacy protection service rather than the domain registrar’s information.