The SiteMogul Site Reviews Widget is the smartest way to generate customer content, drive traffic and increase conversions.

To incorporate the reviews widget on your website, simply copy and paste this code, replacing example.com with your domain name, into your html:

Why Use Reviews?

Reviews affect many of the decisions we make in our everyday lives. For example, before you purchase a product online, you often check the reviews first. The same applies to aiding your decision on going to see a movie in the cinema, buying a new book, dining in a new restaurant etc. Reviews and ratings have the ability to sway the opinions of a large number of people and the power of reviews can also be used to benefit webmasters trying to drive traffic towards their website. Whether the website is a blog, a small business offering a product or service, or any other form of website, displaying reviews and ratings can help to attract more visitors and increase the trustworthiness of the site.

Here at SiteMogul, we have developed a smart and intuitive Reviews Widget which can be incorporated onto your website completely free of charge. Using this widget is the smartest way to generate customer content, drive traffic, and increase conversions. By placing the SiteMogul Reviews Widget onto your website, you can allow visitors and customers to rate and review their experiences, providing an excellent opportunity for them to interact with your website. This not only generates genuine customer content, but also increases the credibility and trustworthiness of your website to other visitors and customers.

Incorporating the widget onto your website is simple – just copy and paste the code below, replacing example.com with your domain name, into your html. It really is that simple, no fees, no forms, no fuss! Not only is the SiteMogul Reviews Widget simple to incorporate onto your website, it also comes packed with features including:

  • Easy to read layout and modern design

  • Summary of all ratings at the top of the widget with an average rating, number of ratings, and breakdown of various ratings received

  • Ability to sort reviews by date, rating, and recommended

  • Each review features a username, heading, text, rating, and date

  • Ability to 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' reviews to maintain credibility

  • Reviews can be shared on a range of social media platforms

  • Users must login or sign up to write a review, preventing spam

  • Reviews created via SiteMogul also appear on the Review Widget on your website, increasing the number of reviews displayed